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Refractory Material must meet five requirements in glass kiln

Le 21 octobre 2016, 10:11 dans Humeurs 0

Due to special performance advantages of refractory material, has been widely used in iron and steel, nonferrous metals, glass, ceramics, cement, petrochemical, machinery, boilers, light industry, electric power, military industry and the various fields of national economy, is an essential material to kinds of industry development, in the high temperature industry production plays an irreplaceable role. But in glass kiln using need to meet certain conditions, so as to ensure the refractory material to play a role of high efficiency. Shall meet the following requirements:

1. Need to have enough refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance, enough mechanical strength, can bear high temperature mechanical flushing action.

2. Under operating temperature, need to have the abilities of higher chemical stability, stronger resistance to molten glass erosion and washing, and under the operating temperature, the volume is fixed, reheat shrinkage and thermal expansion rate should be very small, and the load softening temperature is high, the product has no deformation or rarely.

3. Do not pollute the glass or very little pollution, and have no bad influence to other adjacent refractory.


4. Thermal performance should meet the use requirements, the size of the shape need to be neat, accurate and cheaper price.

How Should Refractory materials Resolve Overcapacity?

Le 20 octobre 2016, 11:22 dans Humeurs 0

To resolve the overcapacity, the first is "swelling" in theory the second is to expand the market demand. Under the condition of the refractories market shrinking, expanding market demand is not possible. In a shrinking market, in order to survive to spell price for users, manufacturing enterprises conduct a disorderly competition. So only need "swelling", and "swelling" can only be taken to eliminate market backward production capacity. Therefore, how should refractory materials get rid of overcapacity, the key point to make rectification in transformation and upgrading, environmental governance, resource control, etc. The following four aspects as the analysis of current situation of the development of refractory industry, and corrective actions of refractory industry.

1. Refractory enterprises need transfer and upgrade to energy saving, environmental protection, improving quality and reducing costs, and the automatic production

At present, the refractory enterprises existing problems are: serious pollution, harm to people's livelihood, high energy consumption, waste of resources, hard to recruit workers, large intensity, product sales of low-margin, difficult to accept payments and loss ratio is widening. Transformation and upgrading must conduct zero emission to environmental. Products are pollution-free, the service life is long, production equipment is automation development. Save people, save electricity, save maintenance, safety in production to reduce production costs, enhance product competitiveness. In the implementation of new environmental laws and severe overcapacity in the fierce competition, not to conduct environmental protection zero emissions, automated production equipment, high-quality development and cost reduction is no way out. Through the transformation and upgrading, energy saving, environmental protection, improving quality, cost reduction to occupy the market, promote the market elimination backward capacity.

2. Refractory enterprises layout need to go joint, mergers and reorganization enterprise of transformation and upgrading

At present, due to a lot of enterprises, small and scattered pattern, exacerbate overcapacity and disorderly competition, lack of enterprise market power. To guide joint coordination with strength enterprises merging to form large enterprise groups, to promote healthy development of the industry.

3. Refractory enterprises need to transfer and upgrade from the supplier  to service provider

In constant innovation and development of science and technology, the management is also constantly innovation transformation.  After-sale services of products decided the development of the market. As the main users steel mills for overall contracting of refractory material and according to the steel production and settlement, has placed refractories enterprises into the service position.

The Molding and Methods of Refractory Brick

Le 19 octobre 2016, 09:43 dans Humeurs 0

Refractory brick's molding in the manufacturing process, refers to the refractory raw materials recuring to outside force and the model, making the blank will be processed into specified dimension and shape. However, the flow castable's construction of the latest development does not need basically external forces.

The molding of refractory brick, firstly is to satisfy the using demand of the products, when refractory brick masonry, the requirement of products must have a certain shape, precise size, and enough strength. Secondly, molding is also the efficient way to improve the physical and chemical properties of products, by shape can improve the organizational structure of products. Refractory brick has a lot of molding methods, the traditional processing methods according to how much moisture content can be divided into:

1. Semi-dry method: its blank moisture is around 5%, suitable for blank of different clinker content(50% 100%).

2. Plastic method: its blank moisture is around 15%, suitable for manufacturing large or complicated shape of the products.

3. Grouting method: its blank moisture is around 40%, is suitable for all kinds of hollow thin-walled refractory materials in production.

The modeling methods of refractory brick have a lot, the common used molding ways contain organic pressure molding, vibration molding, extrusion molding, ramming forming, isostatic pressure molding, casting molding, grouting, etc.

Choose what kind of molding method, mainly according to the nature of the plaster, body shape, size and other technical requirements. In addition to most of the refractory brick is made of machine pressure forming, vibratory molding is used for special-shaped body, the extrusion molding is generally used in tubular blank, slip casting molding is used for thin wall body shape. 

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