For the excessive shrinkage cavity problem of fused cast AZS, can carry on the improvement in the mold design, the control of sodium oxide content, the casting operation.

1. The design method of improvement

The residual shrinkage cavity of no shrinkage cavity fused cast AZS is closely related to the mold design, excessively increase the size of the AZS brick, cut off more shrinkage cavity, but the AZS brick has high incidence of crack, rising costs. Therefore, by a large number of tests, grasp different shapes and the use of the best parts of the product design, reached a reasonable balance in all respects.

2. Control of sodium oxide

The content of sodium oxide has close relationship with the short of bulk and excessive shrinkage cavity of fused cast AZS, through the theoretical analysis and experiment validation, ultimately determine the appropriate add amount.

3. The improvement of the casting operation

For a large no shrinkage cavity fused cast AZS, sometimes first time casting is not able to complete, need secondary casting. Because of casting and its cooling, general products will lead to stay depth uneven shrinkage cavity inside the product, the secondary casting are needed to reduce the depth of shrinkage cavity.

Through the production test found that the best second casting time and need to water the quality of the material liquid, and form a standardized