Due to special performance advantages of refractory material, has been widely used in iron and steel, nonferrous metals, glass, ceramics, cement, petrochemical, machinery, boilers, light industry, electric power, military industry and the various fields of national economy, is an essential material to kinds of industry development, in the high temperature industry production plays an irreplaceable role. But in glass kiln using need to meet certain conditions, so as to ensure the refractory material to play a role of high efficiency. Shall meet the following requirements:

1. Need to have enough refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance, enough mechanical strength, can bear high temperature mechanical flushing action.

2. Under operating temperature, need to have the abilities of higher chemical stability, stronger resistance to molten glass erosion and washing, and under the operating temperature, the volume is fixed, reheat shrinkage and thermal expansion rate should be very small, and the load softening temperature is high, the product has no deformation or rarely.

3. Do not pollute the glass or very little pollution, and have no bad influence to other adjacent refractory.


4. Thermal performance should meet the use requirements, the size of the shape need to be neat, accurate and cheaper price.