The typical applications of ceramic fiber blanket

1. Aerospace, steel, petrochemical, electric power of high temperature heat insulation

2. Equipment fire insulation

3. Industrial furnace, heating device wall lining, backing insulation

4. High temperature equipment insulation, heat pipe heat insulation

5. Electrical components heat insulation fire, high temperature gaskets

6. Inorganic fire shutter fire-resistant layer

7. Module, folded piece of raw materials

Technical characteristics:

Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity

No corrosive substances

Excellent heat insulation, sound-absorbing

Range of application

Industrial building materials furnace, heating equipment, high temperature pipe wall lining

Power boiler, steam turbine and nuclear heat insulation

High temperature reaction chemical industry equipment and wall lining of heating equipment

High temperature filter material

Kiln stove, roof insulation


High-rise building fire prevention and heat insulation