Mullite brick with mullite as phase of high aluminum refractory material. Has higher refractoriness, can reach more than 1790 . So what quality characteristics does Mullite brick have?

1. The brick binder of mullite brick. Mullite brick uses adhesive to connect between contact, therefore, the solid degree of adhesive bonding to give full play to the excellent properties of mullite brick base material, to the final use performance of the products is a very important factor.

2. Bulk density of mullite brick. The density of thermal insulation material generally should be lower than 600 kg/m. Small bulk density of material, generally tears eyes coefficient of thermal conductivity is small, but at the same time decreases in the mechanical strength, so need to reasonably choice.

3. The mechanical strength of mullite brick. To make the insulation material non-deformation and damage under their own weight and external force, so its compressive strength should not be less than 3 kg/cm.

4. The water absorption of mullite brick. After insulation material absorbing water, not only can greatly reduce the thermal insulation performance, but also can accelerate the corrosion of metal, it is very harmful. Therefore, need to choose small bibulous rate of thermal insulation material.

5. The heat resistance and use temperature of mullite brick.