In recent years, the world refractory material industry has happened great changes. On the one hand, because of the industrial technology progress, process and equipment changes (such as electric furnace steelmaking increase) and refractory material own improvement, refractory material's consumption dropped year by year. On the other hand, globalization trend is obvious, fierce competition makes refractories variety, performance and quality improved obviously, refractory enterprises strengthen their consciousness and ability for the user's service. Production of refractory cost in the developed countries is higher than the developing countries, at the same time, because of the stricter environmental requirements, forcing them to produce high value-added products only or export techniques, and transfer the bulk products, labor-intensive products to production in developing countries. Due to unique advantages of raw materials in China and labor cost advantage, so they will have more chances. In order to reduce costs, they are bound to move factories to China, for the development of China's refractories industry will also be an important opportunity. In addition, the communications and transportation’s convenient, the change of the international market, the increase of electronic commerce, etc., also brings a good opportunity to the development of refractory industry. Therefore, research and innovation of refractory raw materials at present and in the future, should grasp the opportunities in the following aspects:

1. Long life, low consumption of the ladle system refractory materials.

2. High efficient continuous casting and rolling system refractory materials.

3. The refractory materials of refining system outside the furnace.

4. High performance monolithic refractories.


5. Adapt to the new construction method of refractories.