The performance and application of chrome corundum brick

Fire resistance of the products

Add Cr2O3 to high purity corundum material, no matter how much the amount is, not only will not reduce refractory performance of materials, on the contrary make fireproof performance of materials improved. The refractoriness of chrome corundum brick (> 1790!) and refractoriness under load (> 1700!) are superior to high purity corundum products.

1. The strength of the products

 Room temperature compressive strength of high purity corundum brick is 70 ~ 100 MPa commonly, room temperature compressive strength of high performance chrome corundum brick is generally more than 150 MPa, the intensity is significantly higher than the corundum brick. This is because the products in the process of burning, between particles and particles, particles and fine powder, powder and powder, formed  Al2O3 - Cr2O3 solid solution, the solid solution connects particles to fine powder particles together, make the strength of the material is greatly increased.


2. Thermal shock resistance

Add Cr2O3 to corundum, when Cr2O3 content is 10% ~ 66%. The raw materials that Chrome corundum series of products used is made from alumina and chromium oxide according to certain proportion matching, after high temperature melting synthesis of a solid solution. Using special refractory materials production technology to produce refractory brick, can improve and enhance internal quality of the products, improve the high temperature performance of products.