Chromium corundum brick contains the jade refractory brick with Cr2O3.At high temperature, Cr2O3 and Al2O3 form a continuous solid solution. Thus the high temperature performance of chrome corundum brick is superior to the pure corundum brick. Used in the chrome corundum brick of petrochemical industry gasifier should be low silicon, low iron, low alkali, high purity, but also has higher density and strength.  Chrome corundum brick of more application, most Cr2O3 content is in the range of 9% ~ 15%.

The production process

Chrome corundum brick with high purity alumina industry and high purity chromium oxide as raw materials. According to the proportion of design accurately weighing, ingredients, fine grinding and mixing, add a certain amount binder, mixing uniform pressure into waste billet.   After waste billet drying, using fused or calcined made from chrome corundum. Chrome corundum by crushing and screening, part of the ground into a fine powder. According to optimal gradation, the fine powder and granular material carry on ingredients, add a certain amount binder, after fully mixing, with friction brick molding machine or hydraulic pressure brick machine molding. After  green body dry, at 1800 sintering.


1. Large dense, uniform surface and the inner organization, low porosity, high strength, high wear-resisting performance is good.

2. Good thermal shock resistance.  Although due to often open the oven door temperature changes frequently, ut in the steel tapping spout brick has not seen a cracking phenomenon.

3. When repairing the furnace, parts of products can still turn to use, can reduce maintenance costs.


4. The steel tapping spout brick is not casting riser, overall dimension is precise, after laying out the steel tank surface level off, and the construction can be processed according to need.