Our company mainly produces fire clay brick, has advanced technology, strong technical force, complete detection equipment. Fire clay brick production has seven steps:

1. Borrow earth. The soil bake brick uses taking from two feet deep of the ancient soil under the earth's surface. The layer of soil color is slightly deeper than the overburdenit formed in eighty thousand to about eighty thousand years ago. At that time, the earth's climate is warm and moist, rich biological role makes this period of the formative soil soft and sticky, is good material of fire brick.

2. Dig out of clay, in the process of passing about half a year of open air accumulation, let sunshine illuminate, snow and rain frozen erosion, make its internal decompose and loose, then by manual crushing, sieving, leaving only fine pure soil.

3. Add water into pour soil, make it moist, and then repeatedly refine, or use the cow power trample, make it become thick mud, human through mud and refine need five to  six times, the process plays a crucial role in the quality of the brick.

4. Fill soil into wooden blocking mode, after compaction, use iron wire to scrape off the excess sludge and become blank shape. Before blocking, need to sprinkle a layer of fine sand under wooden underground, in case of mud and ground adhesion.

5. After stripping the brick, need to place sun back to dry in the shade, to prevent exposure to make brick bad and appear crack and deformation.

6. After waiting for adobe completely dry (about one to two months), then into the kiln, the process is one of the most important link in the whole process of brick, common brick uses coal as fuel, while compactness higher feed slurry brick uses wheatgrass, pine slowly burn, etc.


7. By ten days of fire, green body has been sintered basically, if shut down slowly at this moment, the outside air enters into the furnace, after cooling the body, appeared red, this is our common red brick, black brick should turn to rust in the stove, the way is when the high temperature sintered bricks, use mud to seal kiln top air holes, reduce air admission, make the temperature in furnace into reducing atmosphere, in order to prevent the oxidation of the low iron in the green body, on the kiln top of the sealed iron water, make water encounter high temperature, and become steam, absorb heat quantity in furnace, in the cooling process of furnace body, continue to keep reduction atmosphere, until completely cooling, take out of the kiln. The process of from loess to the black brick is completed.