Mullite insulation brick has several advantages:

1. Insulating brick no radiation, green environmental protection, can be widely used in all kinds of public buildings and home interior decoration.

2. Installed with cement, save a lot of material, manpower and time.Reduce the air pollution caused by production cement burning, accord with the requirement of green low carbon environmental protection.

3. More than 70 carrier lifetime, more than 20 years of decoration life for a long time, to adapt a variety of areas such as climate and complex environment. Compared to the quality of class international aluminous model board, aluminum veneer and steel hanging stone, reduce bearing 30% to 90%.

4. The efficacy improved a double, period shorten generally, comprehensive cost declined from 30% to 70%.

5. Fully replace aluminum-plastic plate, honeycomb panel, curtain wall and other commonly used adornment material, multifunctional integration, a construction can solve the heat preservation decoration two functional requirements, level off smooth and beautiful adornment sex is strong.


6. Insulating brick with high intensity, good rigidity, light earthquake, wind resistance, creep resistance, superior performance, reduce building load and more economic and durable.