The property of refractory brick:

1. Chemical composition:  main ingredients decide quality and features of the refractory material.

2. Bulk density: per unit volume weight, big density, show good compactness, strength may be high, but the coefficient of thermal conductivity may be larger.

3. Thermal shock resistance: resistance to the ability of rapid changes in temperature and not damaged.

4. The compressive strength : bear ( normal temperature) the biggest pressure ability.

5. The flexural strength: bear the ability of shear pressure .

The physical and chemical properties:

1. Wear resistance

2. Thermal conductivity: under the condition of unit temperature gradient, through the material on heat flow rate per unit area, related to porosity.

3. Impact resistance:  good impact resistance, long service life.


4. Slag resistance: at high temperature has the ability of resistance slag erosion without damage.