After buying refractory materials, need to take protective measures

Brick for the factory timely, prevent the refractory material be affected with damp or the storage time is too long. Brick process, by drop horn, lack of edge, surface cracks, brick shape is not the whole of the brick, firmly don't apply, and control over the quality of masonry, eventually to examine the masonry work. In order to ensure the quality of masonry.

In the normal production, to maintain the kiln brick, in fact is the maintenance of kiln, adhere to the working condition of safe, maintain good kiln, demand maintenance measures, summed up the following:

1. To strengthen the maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment, strengthen post personnel, workshop technical personnel's inspection, found the problem timely to adjust processing, to ensure the integrity rate of the equipment and operation efficiency.

2. 2. To strengthen the technical operation, optimized operation parameters, stable thermal principle, working condition of safe system, reduce volatility, prevent the system from open and stop again and again.

3. Complete the system air leakage sealing, safe feeding into the kiln raw meal feed rate.

4. Choose low temperature calcination technology, control the differentiation of furnace outlet temperature is 870 ~ 880 , the outlet exhaust gas temperature control in 300 ~ 330 .

5. Safe ingredients plan, control the raw ingredients.


6. Control suitable pulverized coal fineness and moisture.